Sun Damaged Skin Treatment

Summerville, SC

Did you spend too much time in the sun when you were younger? Does your skin look older than it is because of sun damage? Are you looking for a skin therapy treatment to help your face look younger? If you are near Summerville, SC, we can help you out at Skin Therapy Center - Clinic Acupuncture. Our team specializes in facial skin treatments to help you look younger.

Sun exposure is perhaps the number one reason for premature skin aging. Sun damage is directly related to early development of fine lines and wrinkles. Here at Skin Therapy Center - Clinic Acupuncture, we offer a sun damaged skin treatment that will help reverse some of this damage. Using a special laser, our staff will work to remove sun spots. We will also target any unwanted fine lines to help diminish their appearance. While patients see results after only a single sun damaged skin treatment, a series of appointments is recommended for the most impressive results.

In order to maintain your results after laser treatment, we suggest that all of our patients keep their skin moisturized. Here at Skin Therapy Center - Clinic Acupuncture, we sell the best lotions and serums on the market. You should also be proactive in wearing sunscreen on a daily basis to prevent new sun damage from forming. Be sure to ask our technicians how to keep your skin looking its best after a laser treatment.

If too much time in the sun has your skin aging quickly, be sure to visit us at Skin Therapy Center - Clinic Acupuncture. We are conveniently located in Summerville, SC, and our services are reasonably priced. Our skin therapy treatments and products will help you keep your youth for as long as possible. We look forward to helping you turn back the hands of time.