Skin Discoloration Treatment

Isle Of Palms, SC

Does your complexion look uneven? Do you notice dark spots or redness on your face? Are you looking for a skin discoloration treatment to make your face look more uniform? Skin Therapy Center - Clinic Acupuncture is a local skin care center that is dedicated to making clients look their best. We are located close to Isle of Palms, SC, and it's easy to schedule an appointment with us.

If you are ready to even out your complexion, we have a solution at Skin Therapy Center - Clinic Acupuncture. We offer a wide variety of facial treatments to make your skin look radiant. For those who suffer from dark spots or other discoloration, we can help. One of our most commonly requested facial treatments is microdermabrasion. This treatment involves smoothing out rough skin by removing the top layer. This layer of skin is the most damaged, and removing it reveals a softer, healthier complexion.

Here at Skin Therapy Center - Clinic Acupuncture, we also offer several types of laser treatments that are proven to help make you look younger. Lasers can be used to treat very specific problems. At Skin Therapy Center - Clinic Acupuncture, many of our clients use laser treatments to reduce the appearance of acne scarring. Not only will the laser lesson dark spots, but it will also smooth out cystic acne pits. Lasers can also be used to reduce redness in those who have rosacea or sun damaged skin. The laser treatments we perform at Skin Therapy Center - Clinic Acupuncture are done with skill and accuracy. Our patients leave our clinic with an instantly brighter complexion.

If you are looking for a place that offers skin discoloration treatment in the Isle of Palms, SC area, come meet with our team at Skin Therapy Center - Clinic Acupuncture. We look forward to helping you choose a facial treatment that will address your specific skin concerns.